Limited Warranty Policy
To help ensure satisfaction Image Driven, Inc. is pleased to offer our customers a 2-year limited warranty
on our chrome plating. If for any reason other than those stated below, but not limited to that your wheels
should start peeling or pitting, please contact us with your name, product and date of purchase. Once
Image Driven, Inc. has received the wheel(s) and confirmed your warranty request, Image Driven, Inc.
will send the wheel(s) to our chroming facility for inspection as well as warranty validation. If the defects
were indeed due to Image Driven, Inc. Image Driven, Inc. will then re-chrome your wheels and send them
back to you. Image Driven, Inc. warranty covers all re-chroming charges BUT NOT shipping charges to
Image Driven, Inc. and back to the customer. When a customer sends in the wheel(s) in for warranty,
please include PREPAID LABELS for Image Direct, Inc. to send the wheels back to the customer. If upon
inspection defects were due to the customer will be charged for re-chroming of the wheel(s). Image Driven,
Inc. DOES NOT cover the cost of disassembly or installation of the customer's wheel(s) as well as any
additional labor cost or down time that may occur.

Image Driven, Inc. Limited Warranty does not cover:

    1. Damage caused by improper use or mistreatment. This included improper cleaning of wheels with
    abrasive or improper cleaning materials and or agents.
    2. Damage caused by improper installation of rims or improper mounting of tires.
    3. Damage caused by incidents such as curb rashes, road debris (such as rocks, gravel, potholes, etc.)
    or car collisions.
    4. Damage caused by snow or salted roads.

       For further questions, email:                      (949) 903-5500